Peter Vassiliou shares his views on the club

Peter Vassiliou
Peter Vassiliou

What can I say about this great club. I first joined Komi Kebir around 10 years ago as a young player. The joy of playing for this wonderful club has never diminished in that decade.

I must first of all mention a great man known to all of us as Uncle Savva. For all that knew him, he was the life and blood of this club who gave so much dedication and passion which we all can only hope of matching. He bestowed to us what this great club has always been about, a place where we start out as teammates but very quickly become one Komi family. This club has become the envy of what other teams now endeavour to be. Often copied but never equalled.

This now leads me to the current generation of players. We have now been playing together for three years and the camaraderie just gets better with every year we play. There have been some low points but mostly high culminating to our first cup final appearance in over 20 years. Although we did not triumph, the performance, pride and desire was there to see and would have made the Great Uncle Savva proud of his Komites.

A special mention must go to all the people that help run this club. Nick Hanna who gives his all in managing and coaching the team along with Dino, his assistant. The effort they put into this club cannot be underestimated.

Ari, our captain puts so much effort in keeping the club afloat and also being the best penalty stopper I have ever seen Chris who does a lot of organising behind the scenes, fundraising, attending all the KOPA meetings and a great quiz master!

Finally, I would like to thank all the players and supporters who help to make this club what it is today.

It is a great honour to be asked to write a piece in this brochure.

Reprinted from the Komi Kebir Ultimate 80’s Fancy Dress Disco Programme – 24 June 2017

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