2020: New Chairman’s View

Mario Michael
Mario Michael

Firstly, I would like to say how immensely proud I am to be the new chairman of this incredible club. As many of you know, I have had a 30 year association with Komi Kebir FC, as a player, committee member and supporter, and am the father of 2 sons Chris & Con who now play in the team (hopefully 3 sons next season!).

The foundations of the club have always been strong and this season I am excited to introduce a newly formed committee with 14 members, each of whom have a love for PAOK & Komi Kebir FC that runs deep and who all have amazing stories of their deep associations with the club. We are very lucky to have them onboard and standing firmly behind the club.

Our 30 year anniversary BBQ presentation last summer with over 300 people present which included a football tournament where over 70 past/present and future players took part was a celebration of everything our club stands for and has not been surpassed by any other KOPA Club. Fundraising Discos, poker nights, quiz nights are part of this club and are well supported every season.

All this along with our super supportive sponsor Network Agencies make Komi Kebir FC a club like no other in the KOPA league.

On the playing side we continue to demonstrate Respect for each other and our opponents & are fortunate to have 2 very passionate and committed coaches in Mario & Andy who have both worn the Komi shirt with pride – they know all about what it means to play for this great club and instil this in the players at every opportunity.

Looking forward to the season, what would I see as as success when the season comes to an end?

Well, as people know I am very demanding so I hope to see a few things!!!

Firstly, I would like to see us all navigate through the season in a safe and careful manner, taking steps to say safe in this new world with Covid. 

Secondly, I would like to see the team continue to play attractive football and be successful on the pitch and the start we have made to this season has been brilliant. There is an excitement & something special building and every week more and more people come to see the team in action especially people associated to the club over the years. Its so great to see everyone coming to the games!

The squad is really strong this season and the togetherness that has developed reminds me so much of back in the day when I played for the club. Everyone is there for each other. We also now have sons of ex Komi Kebir FC players coming through and the committee & I would love to see them show the passion and desire to play for the club their fathers showed and be integrated into the squad. These players will be the foundation for our future and will form the core of the side in years to come and will be the reason why so many people will continue to come to watch us as they do today.

Third and final wish is that I would like the club, in particular the players and coaches & spectators to continue to show the sportsmanship and Respect to other players, teams and referees as we have always shown and have been commended by the KOPA league as the benchmark for other clubs to follow both on and off the pitch. Lets enjoy the ride this season, stay true to the Komi values that have served us so well for 30 years and look forward to another 30 years and more of this special club making new  memories for the current and future generations.

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